Optimize. Transform. Ignite.

The POWER UP Program is a dynamic health coaching group and community for those seeking to transform their lifestyle and live with more energy,  vitality, and ease. 


POWER UP is based on 10 habits of Ayurveda wisdom and Yoga philosophy — ancient, time-tested systems that are more relevant now more than ever. By living these essential habits, we empower ourselves with practical knowledge, tools, and support to bring us into greater alignment with nature and the circadian rhythms of the day. Inevitably, we gain body wisdom that brings us into a deeper understanding of ourselves and our connection to our world. 

Serendipity brought me to PeaksandPoses where I had one of the best meditations ever, and after sending our group “Om” out to the beautiful Universe, she echoed it back from the mountains among us. What an amazing experience.



PeaksandPoses offers soul nurturing events, classes, workshops, and community — from cooking, to trail yoga, to the POWER UP PROGRAM.