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Find the Practices That Serve You: Nancy Wind, PeaksandPoses


My guest today is Nancy Wind, the powerhouse behind PeaksandPoses, a company that guides people outdoors for trail yoga, hiking, backpacking and other adventures. Play the podcast here

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Nancy Wind — Health, Mindset & Adventure — Fitness and Adventure Series


Nancy is a Health and Lifestyle Coach and facilitator of the POWER UP Coaching Program - a dynamic online group experience to learn and live 10 simple habits that help you create a new you. Nancy teaches how to work toward living a life with less stress and more ease. Play the podcast here


Yoga While Hiking in the White Mountains and Beyond with Nancy Wind


Nancy Wind, founder of PeaksandPoses, joins the show to talk about the Whites, doing yoga in the mountains, and the spirituality of hiking! Play the podcast here


Yoga Health Coaching: Coach of the Month


Before Nancy Wind enrolled in Yoga Health Coaching, she was a part-time yoga instructor and full-time Speech-Language Therapist. She learned about Yogahealer  during her yoga training. In 2016, Nancy read Body Thrive and decided to form a book group. Play the podcast here

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