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Winding Roads

Ready to claim more energy, balance, and vitality in your life?

Join Living in Rhythm
A 6-week live online course busting with self-care tools, tips, and strategies to build a life of ease, not dis-ease.


This course is a roadmap to reduce stress, nurture your diet, revitalize your energy, fall in love with yourself again, and LIVE AWAKE!

Evolve habits that connect you with the wisdom of nature, guide you to thrive, create balance in your life, and a chance to breathe
Wave bye-bye to feeling overwhelmed, depleted, scattered, exhausted, and out of sync with your life. Begin to align with the rhythms of our day and learn tools and strategies to choose and build consistent routines and daily practices that stick.

The results will be yours — have a better night’s sleep, clean up your diet (and your kitchen), add movement, calm, and ease to your day, and practice self-love. Get support and coaching and join a thriving community that will help you grow.
Calm Sea

Before I share all of my secrets, let’s talk about who this course is really for:

Are you someone who is inconsistent with your daily habits (cooking, sleeping, exercise etc) and it’s driving you bonkers? Is your only consistency your inconsistency? 

Do you feel like your plate is constantly overflowing, you’re juggling too much and you rarely put yourself first? Do you need a 360 in the self care department but not sure where to start? 

Are you outright tired and depleted and hope this will be the year that you’ll gather up the energy to take better care of yourself and/or family?

If this sounds like you, this course is for you. I am here and ready to introduce you to what I call awake living. Let’s go!

This course will help you:

  • Develop morning practices that create a rhythm and flow to your day so you begin your day grounded and focused. 

  • Revive your kitchen, save time with meal prep/planning, get a taste of plant-based cooking and nourish yourself with wholesome food.

  • Tune up your bedtime rituals so you can wind down from your day, get a good night’s sleep, and feel rested. 

  • Discover tips to quiet your mind and help with focus and concentration.

  • Learn that self-care = self-love. Tune deeper into your self-care and learn tips and tools that nurture you from the inside out. 




Since joining one of Nancy's coaching programs in September 2018, I have lost 30 pounds — and I didn’t even mean to. Through Nancy’s coaching and the power of the group, I started to implement healthier daily habits, especially more consistent exercising. With Nancy’s guidance, I started exercising in small steps and now I can proudly say that I exercise every day! As I began to understand Ayurveda and feeling the connection to nature, I shifted to a total plant-based diet and I couldn't be happier for me and the animals.

— Robin W.


Nancy's coaching is a unique mix of positive energy and empowerment combined with natural healing and nutritional knowledge. She understands the art of making small habit changes to improve the quality of your life.

— Clair S.

Ready to get started?

Enroll in Living in Rhythm Today

Buy now: pay in 2 installments of $157 each
or a one-time payment of $299

The Course: Living in Rhythm

Module 1: Getting Started

Do you feel stuck in your daily routines or habits that don’t make you feel well? Well, welcome to a new beginning for you!

Whatever your reason for being here, you have landed in the right place. I used to be stuck too: living with constant stress and anxiety and that all too familiar pit in my stomach. I was bloated, dehydrated, overrun, overtired, staying up late feeding my monkey brain — and I thought I was HEALTHY. Because I have been there, I get it, and I have some encouraging news for you: you’re going to create a new you in 2022.

In this module, you will learn:

  • Why making changes is so damn hard EVEN when we are motivated

  • How to use strategies backed by behavioral science to make changes that last — and I mean really last

  • What the hype of Circadian Rhythms is about and how it impacts your health

Module 2: Morning Time

Wake up and smell the roses!

How we wake up each morning determines how our day will go. I remember how I used to wake up on auto-pilot and head straight to the coffee maker and then right to the computer. With this course, say hello to habits that put you in the right frame of mind for success — whatever work, project or event that’s coming your way. 

In this module, you will learn:

  • Morning movement practices to get you on your feet feeling grounded and energized

  • Why you wanna drink some warm before your coffee

  • The importance of daily elimination.

Module 3: Dial-in Your Diet

There is way too much information about food, diet, and nutrition out there and it is confusing.

I'm passionate about nutrition and I get completely overwhelmed and confused sometimes; so we are going to clear space in our kitchen and good ole brain to get organized and cleaned up. We’ll talk about the benefits of increasing plants in your diet, seasonal eating, and the bigger connection with nature. We’ll learn a few kitchen hacks to make nourishing meals that will have you spending less time in your kitchen and more time having FUN.

In this module, you will learn:

  • To save time and feel less stressed by meal planning and prepping

  • How to clear space in your pantry and fridge

  • Ignite/boost your health by adding more plants to your meals

  • Join a live cooking demonstration

  • New recipes, lots of nourishing, seasonal recipes!

Module 4: Sleep Like a Baby

Say goodbye to that “night owl” side of you

Say hello to calming, restful sleep. It’s the number one activity that has a positive impact on your health and ability to focus, and it is key to helping you deal with stress.  Walk away armed with a new plan to get a good night’s sleep.

In this module, you will learn:

  • How to enhance your bedtime routine with a simple tool

  • What to do when your clock says, “2:00 am”

  • The impact of daily stress on your sleep

Module 5: Quiet Time

Your brain will thank you

Most of us have “monkey brains.” We ask it to do soooooo much —  yet the human brain can’t process information and stimulation from so many directions at one time. No wonder our head feels like it’s ready to explode sometimes. Let’s learn to clear your mind so you feel calm and relaxed, instead of stressed out.

In this module, you will learn:

  • Easy breathing practices to reduce stress and anxiety to implement anywhere

  • Benefits of the “m” word, and it’s not marriage! 

  • To sit in silence for one minute and not freak out. Seriously, you will see how powerful this practice can be

Module 6: All About You

Self-care = Self Love

As I have opened up a deeper connection with myself, nature, and our divine earth, my self-care started seeping into my life. It’s taken me a while and I hope it won't for you but self-care is SELF LOVE. You are a priority, so let’s feel it. Put your oxygen mask on and dive into simple daily practices that will shower you with LOVE.

In this module, you will learn:

  • How a small bottle of oil and your hands can change your life

  • Why you will want to start a gratitude practice

  • The benefits of time spent in nature 

  • To discover groups, and meetups to get your BUTT outside to feel the vibrational energy of nature.

Home Grown Squash

When you enroll during this special, limited-time offer, you'll get: 

Living in Rhythm 6-week Program ($999 value)

A road map to reduce stress, nurture your diet, revitalize your energy, fall in love with yourself again, and LIVE AWAKE!

Evolve habits that lead toward less stress, calmness, and a chance to breathe.

  • Six modules that include FIVE essential habits of daily living

  • Access to weekly live Zoom calls for the course accompanied by self-guided pdfs, videos, and podcasts to enhance your learning

  • Simple daily tools, tips, and strategies to dial in the consistency of essential habit

  • One live cooking workshop and seasonal recipes to nourish yourself from the inside out

  • A deeper connection with your mind and body in ways you never thought possible

When you join today, you also receive: 

BONUS ($599 value)

  • Two private coaching calls with me. Just you and me! This is the perfect time to focus on your challenges and successes. 

  • Weekly Q & A sessions on Zoom. That’s six more additional hours with me and our community to get all the support you need, get your questions answered, and build your library of additional tips, tools, and strategies. Calls are recorded and sent to participants. 

  • An additional live cooking workshop led by me to help you navigate meal planning, prepping, and cooking. Gain deeper insights into seasonal plant-based eating and all its benefits. A time to share your wins in this arena. 

  • A private Slack community with participants from this course to connect and be part of a thriving community

I wholeheartedly know that you’ll start to experience the benefits of living in rhythm and creating daily habits that stick early on in our course. However, after signing up for the Living in Rhythm course, you are feeling like this is not the right place for you, do two things: show me some of the work that you have done and ask for your money back.
I will honor it 100%.
Beautiful Landscape

Through Nancy's leadership and coaching I have gained greater self-awareness, as well as a better understanding of the importance of maintaining healthy habits in the areas of food, sleep, exercise, and body care. Accountability is what I need to stay motivated and engaged in my exercise routine and I received this from Nancy’s coaching and our group community.

— Cyndi S.

Calm Woman

Nancy has helped me continually learn more about myself and how best to support my body, mind and spirit! Learning about Ayurveda’s healthy habits is helping me reclaim my health and bringing ease to my days which I have needed for so long. The combination of individual coaching, group support, cooking and connection with nature is what I have needed and feeling grateful for these opportunities.

— Lisa B.

Running Shoes

Nancy is one of the most down to earth personal life coaches I know. She is encouraging, compassionate, personable, approachable, sincere and kind.

—Judy T.


During our 1:1 coaching calls, Nancy has helped me hold myself accountable to the changes that are important to me. I find Nancy extraordinary. She brings warmth, professionalism, dedication and deep knowledge of and experience in Ayurveda principles and practice to our program.

— Sarah J.

I am super excited to guide you over the next 6 weeks….


Living in rhythm with the cycles of nature has transformed my life. Yoga, Ayurveda, and immersing myself in habit changing have brought me a deeper sense of awareness, love for myself, and a whole boat of self-care. It started with a simple sentence— I am a person that… 


I have experienced first-hand the feelings of stress, being overwhelmed, out of balance, a HUGE monkey brain, and the I CAN DO IT ALL MENTALITY. I began to realize that this way of life was not serving me and over time, with simple daily practices and a supportive community, I began to evolve into a REAL state of awake living.


More than anything, I want to share all this with you. I want it to happen sooner and quicker for you! Right now, you have a 6-week, risk-free opportunity to live a life with less stress and more ease, increased energy, restful sleep, a healthier/cleaner diet, and more time for yourself.


This may sound scary but I have your back each step of the way.

I look forward to meeting you personally during the Living in Rhythm course.

Make yourself #1 in 2022

Ready to get started?

Enroll in Living in Rhythm Today

Buy now: pay in 2 installments of $157 each
or a one-time payment of $299

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