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When You're Itching for a Sweet Treat

I'll keep this one short and sweet! I did away with processed sugar and desserts many, many years ago but I LOVE dark chocolate. The higher the cacao percentage, the better.

While I enjoy store-bought specialty chocolate, I also LOVE making my own. One of my favorite treats this time of the year is called Chocolate Layered Ojas Bars. Through an Ayurveda lens, our Ojas are the building blocks of our energy, immune system, steady mind, and long-term health. I think of Ojas as my inner barometer of the connection between my physical and mental health. We want our bodies oozing with Ojas. Ayurveda has also taught me how to bring balance into my life through diet and lifestyle. Its principles have helped me align deeper with seasons and the impact of seasonal eating on my over health. These bars are perfect for the winter. They are dense and moist and so nutritious with dates, almonds, cacao, pecans, and coconut oil.

Click here for the recipe. I know these will be a thumbs up!


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