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It's summer time!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH it’s summer time. You can feel it in the heat and see it in the long hours of light. How wonderful to hear the birds chirping, smell fresh grass clippings and pick your own berries. Most New Englanders wait all year for this amazing season. So much to do and so many places to go. What’s on your list?

In Ayurveda, summer is dominated by the Pitta dosha (one of the three dynamic mind-body energies) which has qualities of fire and water. Through an Ayurveda lifestyle and diet we work toward maintaining a balance of our doshas as an imbalance leads to varying levels of disease. So during summer, it’s beneficial to stay cool through activities and food to keep Pitta in check.

How do you cool down during the summer? Our activity choices are endless. Swimming, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and biking are excellent choices. Have you tried SUP yoga yet? Make sure you spend time on our rivers, lakes, ponds and oceans. Surround yourself with the natural beauty of what’s around you. Look around and put your phone away!

We can also keep ourselves cool by peeking in our garden. As the weeks of summer pass, our gardens are bountiful with fruits and vegetables. Many of them will keep you cool and balance out the strong summer sun. Cucumbers, mint, cilantro, asparagus, berries, melons, watermelons and fennel (my favorite) are high on my list. These foods will compliment your hot, grilled entrees or can be enjoyed on their own.

Be careful not to overheat. It’s easy to do. Keep yourself hydrated with cucumber/mint water. Find shade, your hammock, a good read and family time.

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