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Spring cleaning time!

Have you started putting your snow boots and heavy sweaters away? Maybe you’ve started clearing out your yard or already gotten deep into your closets to purge and donate goods. With the transition from winter to spring this is common practice in our households. Did you know that your body also needs a spring cleaning? In Ayurveda a food based cleanse removes toxins and junk that have built up inside your body. Through food and daily habits a cleanse cleans you from the inside out helping to remove the heaviness and gunk of winter. In Ayurveda your digestive system is the key to your health. A cleanse this time of year will ignite your digestive fire and provide an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself to welcome the smells, sounds and foods of spring. If you’re feeling heavy in your body, have digestive issues or experience brain fog then you should consider joining me in a spring cleanse led by a local Ayurveda practitioner. Send me an email for additional information.

Kitchari made with split mung beans

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