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What's for Dinner?

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! What’s for dinner? To this day, I still hear my “kid voice” asking my mom that question day in and day out. Do you hear yourself too? Now fast forward and think how often a family member has asked YOU the same question or MORE importantly, how often have you asked yourself? What seems to be a simple question can often lead to a skipped heart beat, stress or even a moment of paralysis.

A healthy meal requires planning, shopping, prepping, chopping, cooking and cleaning. At times, it’s stressful to do all this “work” and it may be easier to order in or pull together something else that “seems healthy.” I GET IT!! I do, do, I do. I cook all the time for myself and at times, I want to throw in the towel. I used to be a person that would buy food, bring it home and then figure out what was for dinner. There was very little planning and I was totally stressed out making these decisions for my family. I wanted to please my family and make something delicious but I would just “wing it.”

That was the old me! As the evolution of my plant based diet continues, I learned that it’s key to plan my meals so I make better choices. Gone are the days of eating cereal, cheese and crackers or eggs for dinner! Now I’m a person who plans meals and preps veggies and believe me, prepping veggies can feel like a full time job. This change happened over time with a ton of patience, a meal planner and a burning desire to side step the long list of diseases. Consequently, meal planning has relieved so much stress in my life and I live without disease or health complications. Here’s one of my first videos I watched on prepping veggies which fired me up! Have a peek. Here’s another one and if you have time, just one more. I love learning how to streamline time in the kitchen so I enjoy other activities.

So are you wondering what’s for dinner tonight? Don’t fret. No decision making is necessary. I’ve included one of my newest favorite recipes that a friend shared with me from Everyday Ayurveda Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind. (more on that topic in another blog). Get some cauliflower, baby kale and turmeric and enjoy one of the best brain foods there is (it even looks like one!). Here’s even a quick video on how to cut cauliflower.

If you struggle with planning, prepping or choosing your meals, give me a shout. I just may have some tips, strategies and tools to help you live with more ease around meal time. I want you to live a longer, healthier and less stressful life.

Also, if you want other tips to live a life of ease and in rhythm with our day, go to and drop your email on my home page. I’ll send you off my latest tip sheet on Living in Rhythm.

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