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Change is inevitable- are we ever prepared??

Let me reintroduce myself. I’m Nancy Wind, health & lifestyle coach, learner of Ayurveda, mountain goddess, spirited plant based Chefpreneur, forager, and mumma of two young adults.

21 years ago at the age of 38 my life changed instantly. It happened during a camping trip in New Hampshire with my family and friends. My husband of 13 years no longer wanted to be married. BOOM- not a lot of warning or preparation. Deeply saddened and devastated by the loss of my marriage and best friend, my life as I knew it came to a dead halt. I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive let alone manage new life raising two young boys. At the time, my identity revolved around loss and failure, lack of self worth and confidence. Fortunately a year or so later after many sleepless nights, I was introduced to yoga just when I needed it the most, right? Over the years, developing a consistent practice helped me put my pieces back together so I could feel whole again and not broken. Through tears and breath and movement, I learned to be kind to myself and more accepting of this change. Each time I rolled out my mat, invaluable life lessons manifested themselves. I started to feel my nervous system calm down and the love for myself slowly returned.

Fast forward to 2011 during my 200 hour yoga instructor training Ayurveda, the sister to yoga, entered my life, just when I needed it the most, right? Little did I know that Ayurveda and living with the cycles of nature would change my life just a bit more gradually this time. You know when something just makes sense to you? Ayurveda did and still does. Living in the rhythm and flow of each day and seasons keeps my spirit alive. On so many levels, it keeps me connected to the earth, my thoughts and people around me. I started to experience myself and my life with a whole new outlook. The biggest transformation that Ayurveda led me to was my diet.

At the time, I considered myself a healthy person especially in the food department but when I dove deeper into understanding the principles of Ayurveda, I realized that my heavy, menstrual cycles, gas and bloating, inconsistent elimination patterns, evening hot flashes, “monkey brain,” afternoon crashes and night owl behaviors were not healthy.

Through an Ayurveda lens, your digestive system is the backbone to your health. The saying “you are what you eat” holds true here. Ayurveda led me to a diet that was right for me which ultimately is a plant-focused diet and lifestyle. Over time, I kept discovering and adding new foods to my meals, not necessarily consciously giving up or depriving myself of foods that may not be so good for me. Living the principles of Ayurveda brought me into a flow and rhythmic state with consistent energy and mental clarity which enabled me to make better choices. Seasonal eating is at the core of my existence and it’s so fun to eat this way. For me, cooking and eating has to be fun otherwise, I won’t do it. Most importantly, knowing how much this way of eating impacts my immune system, gut health, microbiomes and longevity of my life keeps me tuned in.

How is your health? How is your immune system doing? Now’s the time to make some small changes that will improve your diet, lifestyle and overall well being. Pick up your tip sheet on Plant-Based lifestyle by going to and scroll down to fill in your name and email. I am here to help you if wanted.

Signing off, Nancy Wind, health & lifestyle coach, learner of Ayurveda, mountain goddess, spirited plant based Chefpreneur, forager, and mumma of two young adults.

I guide other people to reclaim their power, wisdom and joy through the habits of Ayurveda. I did and so can you!

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