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I Don't Have a Green Thumb

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

“I’m not a runner. I don’t do technology. I’m not a morning person. I can’t use power tools. I don’t know how to draw, I don’t have a green thumb” and blah, blah, blah. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar or maybe you have your own? Over the years, these stories and negative thoughts have swirled around my brain, some more than others and prevented me from taking action and growing. Thoughts are common occurrences for our brain as the brain’s job is to think. Fortunately, for me, more positive thoughts swirl and stick around but negative ones still seep in and wreak havoc. Recently, someone shared with me that for every positive thought we have, 5 negative ones. YIKES!!

Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones did not happen overnight. It was three years ago, during my health coaching training that I was introduced to a concept called “identity evolution.” This concept directed me to see my future self and work with my opposing forces to break free from negative thinking and self doubt. I learned to align myself with a new identity or at least an identity shift. Simultaneously, I was learning lifestyle habits and practices based on Ayurveda wisdom. Slowly I learned, tweaked and integrated these practices into my life which created a rhythmic flow to my day. As I aligned more deeply with these cycles old thoughts, negativity, excess weight, limiting beliefs and stress started to wane away. I began to experience a deeper connection with myself, my true self and new thought patterns emerged.

It all sounds kind of scary but my choice to stick with my old beliefs and patterns of behavior was not serving me at all. I knew I wanted to be more alive and created a mantra for myself, “I am awake living.” I also knew I wanted to live to be 100 years old so I began aligning my lifestyle practices (plant-based diet, daily meditation and rhythmic eating) to support longevity. My personal work is ongoing and challenging but I have fallen in love with my future self. It provides joy, wisdom and purpose.

Identity evolution is the foundation to my coaching programs. Take a moment to think about it. How can we possibly make changes in our behavior if we don’t know who we want to become? Members in my current coaching programs have dove into their own identity evolution to shed outdated versions of themselves and step into a future self that aligns with their current values. The group support, accountability and camaraderie supports these shifts. The practices are simple and witnessing yourself in dance with them begins the joy and opens inquiry into self. You step into a GREATER you!

To start, head to my home page, and drop in your email to get my Living in Rhythm tip sheet. This is where you will find a handful of tips on building a healthier lifestyle with a few daily practices. Stay connected with me. I just may have a program in 2022 to address your needs. Stay tuned!

Also, I want you to know that I do have a green thumb! Check out the pic of kale I’m growing in my Aerogarden? Also, I said goodbye to being a night owl and now I awake at 5:30 am because I am a morning person! Share with my your future identity. I'd really like to know.

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